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We're a group of young entrepreneurs based in Barcelona’s neighbourhood Born, known as the epicentre of innovation and craftsmanship​.

MAM Headquarters in el Born, Barcelona

MAM was founded by Jordi Enrique Albert, current CEO of the brand and Anthya Tirado, CMO of the company. As a reflection of our unending devotion to environmentally-friendly fashion, we've created an ethical fashion brand.

Anthya Tirado

Jordi Enrique Albert

MAM: This name is not just a shortening of mother but a metaphorical representation of life and also an acronym to represent our motivation and influences: M for movement, A for art, M for mission​. ​We are a brand that is always moving forward inspired by the simplicity and beauty of art who would like to share their mission as an eco friendly brand to the world.

MAM in Japan

Our products are named and inspired by Nature. Although MAM started making wooden watches it has incorporated new materials and continues to do so in each collection. ​We like to brainstorm and experiment with natural resources to deconstruct the world of watchmaking and motivate our customers to buy not just an accessory but a choice of lifestyle. That is why we choose, amongst other things, FSC certified wood, recycled leather, paper packaging and a shipping system that reduces the emissions of CO2.

MAM by Silvia Conde

MAM Flag Ship store in Sant Pere, Barcelona


MAM store in El Born, Barcelona


MAM Shop-in-Shop in Tokyo, Japón


MAM Shop-in-Shop in Osaka, Japón


MAM Shop in Bangkok, Thailand


MAM coming soon in New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.


MAM by Olga de la Iglesia



Photo by Pau Latimori