About MAM

MAM was founded by Jordi Enrique Albert, current CEO of the brand and Anthya Tirado, CMO of the company. As a reflection of our unending devotion to environmentally-friendly fashion, we've created an ethical fashion brand.

Anthya Tirado

Jordi Enrique Albert

MAM was founded by Jordi Enrique Albert, CEO, and Anthya Tirado, Creative Director and CMO, in the year 2014.

We started MAM with the aim to bring to our creative community a brand that would reflect our vision of the world, both on a design and a manufacturing level, by being as ethical with the environment as possible.

We began this adventure by designing wooden watches. After just one year, we managed to challenge the properties of wood and create the thinnest watch on the market, becoming a watch brand with an innovative style and unique aesthetics.

We decided to keep exploring new territory based on MAM's DNA — that’s how we came up with our first jewelry and leather goods collection. It’s a new line designed so that each individual can create their own custom look, adding a distinctive and groundbreaking touch to their style.

Our current motivation is to continue revolutionizing the way we wear and use accessories. We want to create functional and genderless garments that provide the freedom to personalize and explore the individuality of each person in a creative way.

We’re now a group of young entrepreneurs based in Barcelona’s Born neighborhood and we care about sustainability, connection, and self-expression. Based in what is known as the epicenter of innovation and craftsmanship​, the Born neighborhood is a constant source of inspiration to bolster our own ideas and motifs.

MAM Headquarters in el Born, Barcelona

MAM: This name is not just a shortening of mother but a metaphorical representation of life and also an acronym to represent our motivation and influences: M for movement, A for art, M for mission​. ​We are a brand that is always moving forward inspired by the simplicity and beauty of art who would like to share their mission as an eco friendly brand to the world.

MAM in Japan

Who is MAM?

MAM is a brand that revolutionizes the way people wear and use jewelry and accessories. We create versatile, functional and genderless pieces that provide the freedom to personalize the individuality of each person in a creative way.

We do this through the concept of Mix & Match.

What We Create

The concept of Mix & Match lets you, truly, wear every piece of MAM jewelry and accessories your way. Wear a MAM ear cuff by itself or with one of our pierced earrings. Wear a hand ring by itself, or pair it with one of our bracelets. Grab a MAM watch to wear on your wrist, or wear a MAM watch clip on your bag, your coat, or your belt loop. With MAM, you are able to create your own unique look.

We strive for sustainability while making sure we do not compromise style.

MAM by Silvia Conde

MAM Flag Ship store in Sant Pere, Barcelona


MAM store in El Born, Barcelona


MAM Shop-in-Shop in Tokyo, Japón


MAM Shop-in-Shop in Osaka, Japón


MAM Shop in Bangkok, Thailand


MAM coming soon in New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.


MAM by Olga de la Iglesia



Photo by Pau Latimori