Statement Necklace

Let your presence in this world be as bold as your style. These statement necklaces have been developed by MAM to leave a lasting impression. All of our jewelry is sustainably sourced and made with recycled metal, allowing you to ethically speak your own truth.

Wear It Your Way

Free of rules and constraints, MAM creations are designed to be multifaceted and genderless. You don't have to wear our unique necklaces in a certain way. Reveal your authentic self and wear them how you want. You can even experiment by slipping one on your wrist or intertwine them with other pieces. The choices are endless.

Wear Art. Wear MAM

As a modern eco-friendly brand, we value individuality and self-expression. We aspire to revolutionize the way jewelry is worn by creating versatile pieces that encourage self-styling. Get creative with our statement necklaces by mixing and matching them with our other jewelry and accessories for a look that's truly you.

Wear Art.
Wear MAM.