Our lives take place on this Blue Planet and yet, we watch how it faces a death sentence. When we started this project we knew we wanted to be as ethically environmental as possible. We wanted to be the allies of the Planet’s advocate, Change. Therefore, we declared that we would not stand there and watch the world face such an unjust trial and that we would do anything in our power to protect and preserve its rights.

As a company, we would like to give back for what it is we take by using 100% natural materials, sustainable shipping and packaging to combat Co2 emissions, FSC certified wood and recycled materials. We brainstorm every way within our reach to manufacture products that are in tune with Nature.

FSC Certified Wood

The certified FSC wood we use to produce our items comes from ecologically, economically and socially sustained forests. But that is not enough for us. We also choose to coat our products with dyes free of chemicals providing items that show respect and appreciation toward our planet.

Limits: no limits, all our wood is FSC certified.

Recycled stainless steel

Here are some facts and figures about Stainless steel. Once recycled, stainless steel does not lose any of its properties making it one of the topmost recycled materials worldwide. It is estimated that through the recycling of steel, a steel company reduces its energy consumption by 70%, and water by 40%.

For every ton of recycled steel, a ton and a half of iron and 500 kg of coal are saved, reducing considerably the environmental impact. After knowing this, we found it impossible to resist and that is why we use recycled stainless steel in the manufacturing of MAM watches.

Limits: Not that long ago, we started working with mesh straps made from stainless steel. So far we have not found recycled steel with this pattern so instead of giving up, we are trying to find the way of having it done expressly for us.

Recycled leather straps tanned with vegetable tanning materials

MAM watches come with different straps. If you choose a leather strap and you value our commitment to being environmentally friendly you will be pleased to know that the strap you have chosen comes from recycled leather and that the tanning process is done using vegetable dyes for the inside face of the straps (the one in contact with the skin). MAM watches have no Chromium IV and all the leather we use are meet the RoHS (Reduction of use of Hazardous waste Substances) and REACH standards (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals).

Limits: Due to quality and volume, for the moment we use wet blue for the exterior face of the strap. Our goal is to tan the exterior strap using White wet which is free of Chromium and work with tanneries also rated as Gold by the Leather Working Group.

For now, we do not work with vegan leather because so far we have not found any vegan leather that is free of plastic and that meets our quality and standards. We are, however, on the lookout for vegan leather that is not made out of plastic and currently, we are following some interesting projects that are still in the developing process.

Recycled and biodegradable packaging

Now that you know what materials are used to manufacture our products let's move on to the final steps, wrapping and shipping. The packaging of MAM watches is made with recycled paper and stamped with an FSC certificate.

Limits: the front and back of our watch face is protected with a fine protector that is made out of plastic. We would also like to inform you that we are changing all the shipping and stocking protectors to reduce the use of plastic and eliminate it when possible.

Shipments with neutral CO2 emission

To reduce the CO2 emissions that shipping service produces, we work with a courier that shares our environmentally-friendly goals. From the time that we ship your MAM watch to the moment when you receive it at your door the environmental impact of this process will be zero.

Limits: However, on rare occasions, we have not been able to use their services and have been forced to use other services that are not as ethical as we would want them to be. Since we do not feel comfortable using these services we are negotiating deals with companies that include bicycles and electric vehicles as an option to transport your goods.

Our offices

We are based in one of Barcelona’s most famous neighborhood, Born. Our 300m2 office has been divided into different areas and has an outdoor space of 100m2. This way, every member at MAM can choose where to work and can move around freely to find inspiration wherever they need. We also have a ping pong table to let out some energy and some hammocks to disconnect. We provide a daily vegetarian lunch made with eco products.


We work with people from all over the world but we work closely with China to reduce productions costs. We make sure that all the providers we work with meet humanitarian and sustainable standards.

Humanitarian action

We invest part of our benefits in humanitarian causes. We have previously collaborated with nonprofit organizations and are going to continue doing so. We will be collaborating in a very inspiring project with a new organization from this summer 2019.

Limits and goals

Although we started as a company that worked mainly with sustainable woods, as we keep on growing, we have incorporated many other materials to our products. We would like to master these as much as we did with wood. We think that understanding the materials we work with will allow us to create even better products. One of the key requirements for us is that our products and materials achieve as many sustainability standards as possible which is why we have a MAM member designated to control and develop the social and environmental responsibility of our products and demand that our providers prove their environmental certificates.

As a company, we also demand the same requirements from us and are now applying for a Certificate B Corp.

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