Ear Cuff Jewelry

Statement Ear cuffs

Pierced ears are not required with the ear cuffs from MAM. As we explore and push the boundaries of jewelry, accessories and sustainable fashion, we want you to discover the unique ways in which you can mix and match our statement ear cuffs. Show us your aesthetic and style when you use our ear cuffs as a means of self-expression.

Selection & Style

From single pieces to three-piece sets, there’s something for everyone in our ear cuff jewelry collections. Avoid gender norms and create your own voice when you shop pieces from our Trans Collection or adorn your ears when you choose pieces from our Orbit Collection.

We invite you to explore the limitless possibilities and ways to wear our statement ear cuffs. If you have pierced ears, mix and match these cuffs with any of our earrings and create a look that’s all your own.

MAM on Sustainability

Like all of the jewelry on the MAM site, every one of our ear cuffs is made from ethically-sourced, recycled materials. As we’re blurring the lines between urban functionality and futuristic design, we’re also leading the charge on truly sustainable jewelry and accessories.

Join us on our mission to reuse materials and create designs unlike anything else out there today.