Unique Anklets

Nothing grounds you so much and draws your focus downwards as a Orbit anklet guiding your footsteps. These distinct pieces developed by MAM has resulted in a number of unique anklets that stand out. Made of recycled gold or silver, all of our jewelry offers you an ethically sourced path to self-expression.

Versatile Designs

MAM designs are meant to be flexible, genderless and versatile. Our anklets don’t have to be constrained by the category they’re in. If you want to wear them on your wrist or hang them off your body — we encourage and revel in your experimentation.

Because we strive to push the boundaries between high fashion, urban design and self-identity, we deliver convertible and multi-faceted pieces that are variable and versatile. We want you to take our unique anklets and run with them — literally and figuratively. Show us how they make you feel when you mix and match them with our other jewelry and accessories to decide your own vibe.

Supporting MAM

All of our collections — including watches, accessories and jewelry — explore the best avenue for creation that minimizes waste and CO2 emissions. We believe in using plastic-free and recycled materials in every piece we create, and our team is constantly searching for new ways to develop ideas and bring them to life without compromising our morals.Shop our unique anklets, distinct rings and functional accessories today.