Earrings & Ear Cuffs

Sustainable Earrings

Made to be mixed and matched with the pieces from the ear cuff collection, our unique earrings offer you plenty of wearability and versatility. All of our designs are meant to push the limits on how you view jewelry. MAM wants to explore the balance between versatility and unique design to help you see earrings and other jewelry from a completely different perspective. How you wear your accessories sends a message about fashion, aesthetics and self-expression.

Our Collections

Many of our collections have earring designs that send a message. Our sustainable earrings from the Amulet Collection play with balance versus asymmetry, movement versus immobility, and out-of-the-box thinking. We want you to delve into these same questions when you look at jewelry, fashion as a whole and your role in our world.

We also take a look at eco-friendly sourcing and ethical practices in the luxury fashion world. Every pair of earrings provides the perfect combination of recycled metal and other materials to create gorgeous sustainable earrings that make a statement about reducing harmful processes without compromising design or quality standards.

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When you shop MAM, you’re joining a fashion-forward movement that allows you to take a unique design and wear it in a way that’s truly and uniquely you. From unique earrings and watches to natural raffia bags and bracelets, we have the accessories that will help you make a statement.