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Make a Statement with Jewelry from MAM

If you’re shopping for MAM statement jewelry, it’s clear you have something to say and you’re looking for a bold way to say it. Our jewelry collections are the perfect place to explore self-expression while choosing ethically sourced, sustainable fashion.

As an eco-conscious brand located at the epicenter of innovation (the neighborhood of Born, in Barcelona), MAM has always shared our mission with the world. Now, we’re excited to help you find and share yours. Discover a jewelry and accessory company that delights in blending metropolitan design and futuristic aesthetics with unique functionality and versatile wearability.

Our Jewelry Collections

All of our statement jewelry is meant to re-examine the way we wear our jewelry and accessories. As you review the pieces in our collections, set your mind free and decategorize what society says you’re supposed to do with jewelry. We’ve started to break the boundaries of conventional wearability with our concept of Mix & Match, and now, we pass the torch on to you to continue our mission of creative self-expression by adding your own unique flair.

While we group our designs by category to make shopping easier, we don’t want you to be constrained by traditional concepts. Consider what you have to say through our collections.

Recycled Jewelry

MAM ensures sustainable design for all of our statement jewelry. Every single element is chosen with ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility in mind. From recycled metals and FSC certified wood to natural raffia, we guarantee that MAM jewelry is eco-friendly and plastic-free.

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