Unique Rings

Organic Structures Bathed in Silver

A collection of easy-going silhouettes, ready to adorn you as you become your desired self. These avant-garde sterling silver rings circle your hand with organic, spherical appeal. The Finger Ring Jewelry in Sterling Silver is the minimalistic accessory for the empowered individual. Add a modern touch to your everyday, with distinctive jewelry designs that don’t discriminate: Our hypoallergenic sterling silver rings are made for everyone.

The Golden Ratio

A unique gold bangle design with a silhouette reminiscent of the golden ratio. A homage to Fibonacci and his deep understanding of aesthetics. Designed in the form of contemporary jewelry, built for the modern age. The Square Hand Bracelet with Cuff in 18K Gold embraces ancient artistic qualities found in sacred geometry. Our original gold bangle shows a deep-rooted appreciation for artistic flair. Wear it on your sleeve. Let the Finger Ring and Coil Bracelet decorate your arms as you pull together an original, progressive look. Adding to functionality, the Coil Bracelet and Finger Ring are 2 separate pieces of jewelry. In true MAM style, you can mix and match without limits.

Distinctly You

Our Raffia Bracelets use durable textiles from the raffia palm. Sustainable summer looks with multi-purpose options. Wear them as statement bracelets or add a revolutionary twist to your hairstyle. Flaunt your MAM accessories to showcase your true self, full of confidence and potential. Soft and understated, or bold enough to make a statement… Whichever path you choose, our unique jewellery and accessory designs offer the freedom to explore your identity. A wearable portrayal of who you really want to be. Don’t settle for anything less than originality.Shop our collection of rings and bracelets now.