Minimalist Gold Rings

MAM believes in giving you a voice when it comes to how you wear our jewelry and accessories. Each of our unique gold rings and unique silver rings offers you the chance to discover something new. Whether you wear our designs as traditional rings on one hand or play around and wear them in different ways on both of your hands, our rings can be worn your way.

Materials & Selection

Since each ring design focuses on authentic craftsmanship and ethical practices, our materials and processes are as eco-friendly as possible. All our metals are recycled from other sources, our packaging is plastic-free and biodegradable, and our shipping methods reduce CO2 emissions.

While much of our focus is on creating sustainable rings, we still deliver high-quality products that provide you an avenue towards distinct self-expression. Mixing and matching our various designs and wearing them in unexpected ways is celebrated and encouraged. If you are looking for ideas on how to wear our unique gold and silver rings, explore our various collections.

MAM Means Something

Our jewelry and accessories are part of our mission to blur the lines between fashion, urban self-expression, and sustainability. We believe it’s possible to do it all. Explore our collection of unique gold rings and unique silver rings to traverse the newest evolution in jewelry design.