Recycled Ring Designs

Your Identity Rings Out

We all have our own philosophies. Our own beliefs, our own values and our own – maybe a bit naïve – ideas. Especially about the future of this big blue planet we so luckily inhabit.

Without a doubt, the core beliefs that lay within us, amongst us, between us… They feed into the microcosm that defines who we are. They become the blueprint to our identities. Our level of concern for the environment feeds into the future microcosmic ideals that will also come to be one day, generations away. The difference in changing this is easy. We have that choice.

Autonomy is a gift. We’re here to make sure you treasure it.

Share your ideas about the future of sustainability. Maybe they’re dreams, even. Take hold of the freedom to act in ways that consolidate those ideas, and don’t let go. The first step is to make that promise to yourself.

Sourcing Responsible Materials

At MAM, we believe in autonomy. The right to choose your individual approach to saving the planet, and to do it with style.

That’s why our designs utilize sustainable materials. Recycled 18K gold looks no less MAM than non-sustainable gold. Untarnished. Our recycled ring designs are so ready for all your future escapades, they’re even paving the way for them to happen. When you shop sustainably, you shop in a way that enriches our collective futures.

We'll Ring You Up

The recycled ring designs from our thoughtfully mastered collections are designed to facilitate your ambition in helping, not harming the planet.

We all like to look good, with the assumption it also makes us feel good. But it’s hard to hold on to that ‘feel good’ vibe when we shop irresponsibly. Instead, with MAM, you can rest assured your new recycled ring designs are as sustainably crafted as they are unique.

Do good, look good. Feel good. Shop recycled ring designs by MAM now, and get a hold of the feel-good stuff. We’ll ring you up.