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Solid collection | MAM®

Solid collection

This new collection MAM SOLID is composed of rings, bracelets, and ear cuffs of circular shapes that represent our life cycles. Pieces created with high-quality sustainable materials, and plated only with the finest 18k gold and sterling silver.
SIX N. FIVE Collection | MAM®

SIX N. FIVE Collection

MAM has partnered up with Six N. Five - one of Europe's leading contemporary design studios - to create a magical, dreamy, and surrealist capsule collection.
Earth Collection | MAM®

Earth Collection

The Earth Collection from MAM introduces a new style of anklet jewelry. Explore our unique, versatile designs that can be worn anywhere and any way you want.
UFO Collection | MAM®

UFO Collection

Look stylish as you beat the heat with the modern and functional UFO Collection. Shop the collection’s unique raffia pieces today.
Alpha Female | MAM®

Alpha Female

Confidently stand out with the empowering Alpha Female collection by MAM. Discover the collection today.
Aura Collection | MAM®

Aura Collection

Explore the ear cuffs from the AURA collection to discover and express your own true colors.
AVA Collection | MAM®

AVA Collection

A for Authenticity, V for Visionary & A for A-wear-ness. We designed unique jewelry pieces that perfectly describe what these people represent in our world.
SENS Collection | MAM®

SENS Collection

Introducing MAM SENS Collection. A futuristic collection inspired by the power of the Here and Now.
Amulet Collection | MAM®

Amulet Collection

MAM has designed their latest collection of Amulet jewelry with a refreshing take on diversity. Shop gold pearl jewelry by MAM now.
Eva-P Collection | MAM®

Eva-P Collection

The unisex backpack from MAM offers you a unique look and an ultra-tailored feel. Shop futuristic design and genderless construction to make a statement.
O'Collection | MAM®


The O'Collection is full of unique building blocks that help you design your own piece of jewelry.
Trans Collection | MAM®

Trans Collection

Looking for a genderless jewelry collection that will dissolve traditional structures and restrictions? Explore the gold hand rings in the Trans Collection.
IT'SABAG Collection | MAM®

IT'SABAG Collection

IT'SABAG Collection by IEM Thomas, brings together both youthfulness and maturity accomplishing the essential urge that we humans have for unconditional freedom.