Jewels specially created to listen to your inner beat and follow your rhythm. Necklaces, nail rings, headbands, and bracelets are designed with high-quality recycled materials and plated in 18K gold and sterling silver.
Blowup Collection | MAM®

Blowup Collection

Our new handmade BLOWUP collection is designed with the highest quality recycled materials and semi-precious stones are specially selected for a journey of growth that strengthens your conviction that confidence in life is everything.


MAM's MAKEUP collection invites us to reflect that we do not need to make up our life or our eyes to love ourselves unconditionally. It reminds us that the key is to learn to live in you, accepting you as you are.
BE.U Collection | MAM®

BE.U Collection

The new MAM bag collection calls on you to reveal your authenticity, to become a bright soul genuinely alive in the uniqueness of your pure energy of self-expression.
VIV Collection | MAM®

VIV Collection

The VIV collection is composed of rings, hand rings, ear cuffs and necklaces, created with high quality recycled materials. Pieces that transmit the dance and movement of life through their dangling tubular chains.
Orbit Collection | MAM®

Orbit Collection

The new Orbit Collection is composed of bracelets, necklaces, rings, ear cuffs, and nose cuffs, made of high quality recycled metals and plated only with the finest 18k gold and sterling silver.
SIX N. FIVE Collection | MAM®

SIX N. FIVE Collection

MAM has partnered up with Six N. Five - one of Europe's leading contemporary design studios - to create a magical, dreamy, and surrealist capsule collection.


With a spectrum of colors that shift in the light, the bold stainless steel accessory makes a genuine statement. This transformative piece is designed to grab attention. To exude individuality.
Solid collection | MAM®

Solid collection

This new collection MAM SOLID is composed of rings, bracelets, and ear cuffs of circular shapes that represent our life cycles. Pieces created with high-quality sustainable materials, and plated only with the finest 18k gold and sterling silver.
Amulet Collection | MAM®

Amulet Collection

MAM has designed their latest collection of Amulet jewelry with a refreshing take on diversity. Shop gold pearl jewelry by MAM now.
ITSABAG Collection | MAM®

ITSABAG Collection

MAM ITSABAG by Iem Thomas is a wallet created to become part of you in your daily life routines.
Mask collection | MAM®

Mask collection

MAM has transformed the everyday face mask into a fashion statement. Shop the collection to find a unique face mask that matches your style.
UFO Collection | MAM®

UFO Collection

Look stylish as you beat the heat with the modern and functional UFO Collection. Shop the collection’s unique raffia pieces today.
Earth Collection | MAM®

Earth Collection

The Earth Collection from MAM introduces a new style of anklet jewelry. Explore our unique, versatile designs that can be worn anywhere and any way you want.
Trans Collection | MAM®

Trans Collection

Looking for a genderless jewelry collection that will dissolve traditional structures and restrictions? Explore the gold hand rings in the Trans Collection.
SENS Collection | MAM®

SENS Collection

Introducing MAM SENS Collection. A futuristic collection inspired by the power of the Here and Now.
AVA Collection | MAM®

AVA Collection

A for Authenticity, V for Visionary & A for A-wear-ness. We designed unique jewelry pieces that perfectly describe what these people represent in our world.
Aura Collection | MAM®

Aura Collection

Explore the ear cuffs from the AURA collection to discover and express your own true colors.
Alpha Female | MAM®

Alpha Female

Confidently stand out with the empowering Alpha Female collection by MAM. Discover the collection today.
A Chic Life | MAM®

A Chic Life

MAM offers you a new take on futuristic jewelry with the unique pieces in the A Chic Life collection. Explore swirling designs and sustainable materials today.
A Ginger Twist | MAM®

A Ginger Twist

A Ginger Twist is a discussion of the lore and history behind red hair through the medium of environmentally friendly jewelry. Follow this story with MAM.
Eva-P Collection | MAM®

Eva-P Collection

The unisex backpack from MAM offers you a unique look and an ultra-tailored feel. Shop futuristic design and genderless construction to make a statement.
Back to the future | MAM®

Back to the future

A Universal Studios collaboration with MAM brings you this special edition unique futuristic watch inspired by a classic movie. The first official Back to the Future watch comes in three designs made from 100% sustainable materials.
ITSABAG Transparent Collection | MAM®

ITSABAG Transparent Collection

IT'SABAG Collection by IEM Thomas, brings together both youthfulness and maturity accomplishing the essential urge that we humans have for unconditional freedom.