I am Marine Tanguy

I am the founder of MTArt Agency

In 2015, Marine Tanguy founded MTArt, the first artist agency in the world. While the art world concentrates on selling art on walls, they focus on investing and supporting the artists. Based in London, each month the agency reviews 200 portfolios in order to find the most exciting up and coming visual artists. 

Marine is one of those young urban creative people who are part of the I AM project, an initiative curated by MAM intended to showcase the great talent of those who are making a positive impact through their hard work and inspire us every day.

Where do you live?
In London, more and more everywhere. I love travelling.

How would you describe your work?
Very fulfilling! My job requires for me to have a philosophical approach to life, that is understand the current tensions in contemporary culture that artists can address; I am also asked to be creative when creatively producing projects with partners and artists together; finally to have a grasp of both logistics and economics to make things happen well and fast. It’s such a great triangle and a full way to live!

“Hope. Study. Question. Start Again. Challenge it. Create. Research. Hope. Implement. Breathe.”

Marine Tanguy

Do you have any kind of ritual before getting to work and being creative? What is your work routine like?
I work all the time, I never switch off. Visiting a museum and talking to people is still my way to be inspired and reflect on what we are working on/ researching with MTArt Agency artists. I never close my eyes when on the cab to try and grab inspirations from everywhere. I love it. My work is my passion and my way to understand the world around me. My only routine as I hate routine is to find the time to dance in my room everyday.

Which cause related to sustainability do you feel it's especially important to stand for right now?
The first cause that comes to mind is reducing our usage of plastic or single use plastic because of the enormous damages it is creating on our oceans. Secondly, reducing carbon emissions in cities by moving to electric vehicles. Finally, finding new ways to using waste and human generated power so that energy becomes a full circle rather than a linear curve leading to a waste that we do not make use of.

Time is…
our most precious resource.

When your imagination gets stuck, what do you do to boost your creativity?
I dance and I eat Haribos.

Which is your go -to song to kick off your creativity?
Primavera by Ludovico Einaudi – it changes every month.

Tell us an art piece that always moves you, no matter how many times you look at it.
The Raft of the Medusa by Géricault. I was 18 years old at Le Louvre: the beauty, tragedy and relevance of this story never left me. Also a poem by John Keats: To Hope. It was my way to tackle my own depression and despair when in low times of mental health. To Hope was to be the way.

Both of these art pieces were incredibly beautiful and had turned a tragedy into something aspirational. That was the start to me needing art everyday to get by in life.

“Time is… our most precious resource.”

Marine Tanguy

Your happy place on Earth?
I don’t have a special place – my bicycle, friends and home are my stability.

What’s your latest food obsession?
Ginger Gin Tonic – is that food? Not sure but it’s amazing.

If you would have to create an inspirational quote based on your creative process what would it be?
Hope. Study. Question. Start Again. Challenge it. Create. Research. Hope. Implement. Breathe.

Someone you deeply admire?
French politician Simone Veil for both the strength of her ideas and how she implemented them.

Any advice to all those young creative people out there trying to make it?
Be kind to yourself, grow confidence for who you are and not what others or your industry want you to be. Feel, love, look and think. You will be fine.

Discover more about Marine by visiting his web and Instagram.


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