MAM TWISTED bags are inspired by the unexpected twists that shake your soul, heart, and life as fast as the blink of an eye.

TWISTED is a round ergonomic bag that twists back and forth and blends into your body.

MAM's futuristic TWISTED BAGS are fabricated with high-quality recycled leather and come in 4 different color tones: off-white, black, nude and orange.

A bag made not only to look bold, spectacular and to carry all your essentials in style, but also to accompany you during those divine adventures capable of twisting your life upside down in a second.

Be the one who says yes to those twists that happen in a short space of time and shake your world.

Be the one who remains confident and calm to release and transmute the old so that the new can come.

A new era, an existential twist or breakthrough, call it as you want it.

In the end it is a change of frequency, you are vibrating high so that everything you desire can manifest.

Bless it, let your life twist, and rejoice in the brighter future that is yet to come.