Fuss-free is key

Less is more. With the new MAM TOTE, you will be able to carry all your essentials, valuables and groceries, without missing a tiny bit of coolness.

Due to its simple appearance, TOTE can be used with both occasional and relaxed clothing, making it highly versatile.

Think Jumbo; oversized MAM TOTE is perfect for carrying your laptop, your yoga mat together with your daily essentials.

The best of our new MAM TOTE is that it can be easily compressed, folded, and pulled out for when it's needed.

An effortless carryall that can hold everything you might need for the day, whether you go shopping, work, the gym, the beach, or travel.

A futuristic and multi-functional bag created with high-end nylon extremely durable, lightweight, and water-resistant.

An ultimate fashion accessory that comes in three colors; black, off-white, and rust, specially designed to accompany you everywhere.

Fuss-free is key.