A collection inspired by the energy that moves the orbits of the galaxy and the universe.

The Universe is full of intelligent and self-organising energy we call love, capable of working at all times in favor of the perfect conservation of its complex symmetrical order. In the case of planetary systems, such as the Solar System, the planets rotate in elliptical orbits around a central star, which in our case is the Sun.

Through Orbit, we invite you to be aware that we are all united to the great miracle of existence and that we have within our reach the opportunity to harness that energy of radiant love that is everything.

The new Orbit Collection is composed of bracelets, necklaces, rings, ear cuffs, and nose cuffs, made of high quality recycled metals and plated only with the finest 18k gold and sterling silver.

We must acknowledge that, in the midst of this magnificent diversity of cultures and ways of life, we are one family and community with a common destiny.

"Let’s come together to create a sustainable global society based on respect for nature, equality, economic justice, and a culture of peace." Anthya Tirado MAM's Creative Director

At MAM, we are sure that through our inner wealth we are all capable of generating that energy of love to tune in to that vital force that symbolizes the pulse itself, the constant beat of this infinite universe. We are the World.