Statement Face Mask

MAM has designed a unisex, functional and modern face mask to wear on any occasion. More than a face mask, is a jewelry piece. The mask comes in four sizes and different colors: black, gray, and blush pink. The face masks are made of Silk on the outside and Organic Cotton on the inside for easy breathing. It comes with removable chains and rings in three high-end finishes: 18K Gold, Sterling Silver and Gun Metal. The MAM mask is compatible with all filters on the market to use it according to your protection needs.

Define Your Own Look

Style is what you make it. Be bold and express yours with a MAM Face Mask. As a functional accessory, uniquely designed to be noticed, the MAM face mask is more than protection; it's a piece of jewelry. Wear it as a fashion-forward necklace and let its two modern rings accessorize your outfit.

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By choosing MAM, you're allowing yourself the freedom to wear designs that truly reflect your style. With add-ons from our jewelry collection, you'll never tire of your unique face mask's creative possibilities. Wear it your way.