A collection inspired by the seven primary chakras that are one of the most important energy centers in our body. A powerful tool to master our health and life in general by being in charge of balancing our energy field and aura.

The idea behind this collection is that by wearing one of MAM's new esoteric pieces, you can quickly balance and energize your chakras through the movement of the jewel, the energy of the mineral (selected according to each chakra), and your power of visualization.

A head crown specially made with the amethyst stone to recharge your Third Eye Chakra - Ajna.

The chakra is considered the center of wisdom and, as such, the most important. It is the chakra of meditation. The color of this chakra is electric blue.

the affirmation of this energy center is; I trust my Intuition.

Another beautiful ear cuff made with a blue lace agate stone to help balance the Throat Chakra - Vishuddha.

When this chakra is balanced, communication and expression flow, your creative potential increases, as is your inspiration. This chakra is light blue

His energy center's affirmation is; I am Truth.

A necklace and an ear cuff with its corresponding rose quartz to energize the Heart Chakra - Anahata. The heart chakra is the essence of self, individuality, and self-love. It relates to qualities like accepting love and loving others unconditionally, compassion, and kindness. This chakra is green in color.

Represented as the lotus flower, each of our chakras tailors the passing flow of the aura energy to its unique vibrational frequency; this frequency correlates with a color, a mineral, and various sounds that create movement.

A clothing brooch that comes with raw yellow quartz to help you balance your Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura.

When the solar plexus chakra is balanced, a person is full of energy. It is responsible for decisiveness, independent thought and action, willpower, and colorful individuality. The color of this chakra is yellow.

the affirmation of this energy center is; I am Powerful.

We have also included a beautiful selection of rings and other ear cuffs that enhance the shape of the moon present in all the pieces and the use of semi-precious minerals.

The time has come for you to own your life force by balancing the main channels of your aura through your chakras.

Master your life with your divine energy, and you'll see how you will feel free, aligned, anchored, and truly alive.