Limited Edition pieces.

Trust in life.
It flows as smoothly as the wind blows.
Let yourself go; why swim against the current?
If what you want is to keep growing and moving forward.

At MAM, we know that you are capable of flowing with the wind in your favor and trust that life will support you and take you exactly where it wants you to go. Allow that feeling of confidence and tranquility that appears to you like the gentle blowing of the wind to grow in you;
Remember everything is happening as it should be.

Our new handmade BLOWUP collection is designed with the highest quality recycled materials and semi-precious stones are specially selected for a journey of growth that strengthens your conviction that confidence in life is everything.

Rose Quartz helps to experience true unconditional love, infinite peace, and self-assurance.

Faden Quartz helps to unify our identity and protects us during the journey or path of life. It promotes self-healing and personal growth.

Red Agate favors concentration, relaxation, entrepreneurship, and prosperity.

Green Agate helps to find peace and emotional serenity. Improve self-confidence.

Four beautiful semi-precious stones with qualities that transport you on a journey of development and personal growth with fluidity and confidence.

Flow as smoothly as the wind blows and experience the joy that is shared.
Accept it; everything happens as it has to be.

For the first time, jewelry will feature intricate stone work just in time for the Holidays and Year’s End. BLOWUP was produced in limited quantities.