A new drop to celebrate the flower power movement of the 60’s.

We have decided to launch a drop to celebrate the flower power movement of the 60's so that we can all remember how important it is to act from non-violence and protest peacefully.

With the MAM new daisy jewelry collection, we want to revive the slogan that in the 60s was used as a symbol to face any violence with love and compassion. At a time when all the hearts of a group of people beat to the same rhythm for peace and the light in the world.

To change the course of the events happening right now in our world. We must understand that every peaceful action has an impact, no matter how small.

Peace is not a sudden state that arises by itself. Peace is a decision of each human being that expands in all countries. Just think about it for a moment. Do you believe it is possible to be in war if we all decide, whatever they say, not to fight?

It is in our hands to say yes to peace and start living in it. If we say yes and begin to act by being at peace, we will start to change the things we don't want to happen in our world.

Make the changes you would like to see in the world in yourself and your life. Let us never forget that history is written to learn how to do things better and differently.

Let the spring and the daisies illuminate our future, reminding us that we live in one world and we are all responsible for it.

Say yes to Flower Power