Be your true self, walk your own path, and create your own legacy.

The key to true happiness, freedom, and a meaningful existence is only possible when we lead an authentic life.

Being authentic is daring to be your true self by living in alignment with your own values, feeling that you’re on the right path by always following the things in life that resonate with your being and intuition.

The new MAM BE.U bag collection is made from high-quality recycled leather and comes in 3 different colors: black, caramel, and off-white. A functional item that you can wear as a crossbody and as a shoulder bag.

MAM BE.U bags also come with an exterior zippered pocket to carry your phone, keys, and wallet.

The new MAM bag collection calls on you to reveal your authenticity, to become a bright soul genuinely alive in the uniqueness of your pure energy of self-expression.

Don’t let anyone, or anything, write the narrative of your own story. At MAM, we encourage you to be the artisan of your own life journey.

“Be your true self, walk your own path, and create your own legacy.”
Anthya Tirado, MAM Co - Founder and Creative Director.

As Oscar Wilde once said:
"Be yourself as everyone else is already taken."