About us

Remember… It’s time to live

The desire to explore and create.
The need to discover the world.
Let yourself be won over by the unknown.
To have a goal and achieve it.
To live passionately.
To be responsible for your impact on the world.
To get away from pre-established stereotypes.
To be free. To feel.

This is MAM (Move · Art · Mission)


MAM Originals was born out of a turning point in the lives of its founders, who have later been joined by others. MAM Originals isn’t a brand or a company, it’s a lifelong project that believes it is possible to be passionate, work hard and respect the environment.


Here at MAM Originals, we don’t just create products. Each of our designs is a daily reminder that a different lifestyle is possible.



Our watches and cases are made with recycled wood from industry. We are deeply committed to giving this type of waste a second life and with MAM Originals we’ve found our way to close the circle.

Our creations are designed in Barcelona and we like to think that each of them reflects a different part of the world. We use materials from all over the world, always with the FSC seal.

Recycled raw materials, craftsmanship in the creation process and precision in the manufacturing process come together in unique, one-of-a-kind creations.


Our team never stops researching new materials that can be given a second chance in our products.

Here at MAM Originals, we believe that by working together we can change our world, which is why we work with all sorts of artists to design special collections that express their unique vision.