Unique Designer Jewelry

Eco-friendly jewelry brand

Not everything needs to be about external inspiration. Like Frida, you too can be your own muse when you take a second look at yourself. You are the subject you know best, and you can always get to know yourself better.

With our versatile and unique designer jewelry, there are tons of ways you can explore how to express yourself. You don’t have to wear rings or ear cuffs in a certain way. At MAM, we want you to explore the I Am My Own Muse story and discover your favorite new piece of jewelry to wear.

An Eco-Friendly Jewelry Brand

Part of what makes MAM so special, and one of the reasons we want your voice to join ours, is our sustainable jewelry production process. From the recycled metals we use to the green way we ship our jewelry and accessories, part of following our own muse means making a difference to the planet.

Many pieces featured also revolve around challenging the traditional elements of fashion and creating unique designer jewelry that truly stands out. With gold, sterling silver, sandalwood and pearls taking the lead, you have different looks and different ways to wear, mix and match the pieces in this story.

Making a Difference with MAM

At MAM, it takes all of us to make a real difference in the world. Whether it’s the world of unique designer jewelry or our entire planet, we need your voice to help us stand for the change that really matters. Shop MAM and support eco-friendly practices as well as a new type of self-expression.