What a great year!

One more year. And as is tradition at this time, it's a moment to take stock. Many believe that a year is 365 days, but the truth is that a year is measured by the people you have met, the new ideas they have inspired, and the experiences you have shared with them.

We prepare to say goodbye to a fantastic year. It is time to look back and celebrate all of our achievements, which are undoubtedly yours too - from our esteemed clients, those who make MAM possible.

In 2018, we managed to be closer to you than ever,  taking one step beyond digital world by commiting to the offline reality. Not only have we opened our second store in Barcelona; we have expanded our presence nationally by landing in multi-brand centers such as El Corte Inglés, and internationally, thanks to the Japanese chain HºM "S" and the Parisian boutique Chez Maman. 

Nor can we forget a historical moment for MAM: the launch of the PLANO collection. Our new PLANO line has established a revolutionary "after" in the universe of fashion watches that came before MAM, taking our love affair with design and minimalism to a whole new level.

At MAM, we believe that creativity is much more than an added bonus in marketing; it is a way of life. This year we have managed to share this way of seeing the world with all of you, through initiatives such as the I AM project, which have filled our web with inspiration and beauty, thanks to the works of some of our favorite artists and creatives.

Finally, we want to make a special mention of something very important to us: our commitment to the planet. Every year, we try to find new methods of becoming a more sustainable company. In 2018, we achieved this goal, thanks to several new ways of reducing our environmental footprint, including the use of a delivery system with neutral CO2 emission, and the creation of fully recycled and biodegradable packaging for our watches.

If the end of a year is a moment of reflection, the beginning of a new one is a moment of conviction. It is a time to encourage hope, and to make commitments for a better future. The importance of setting new goals is not necessarily reaching goal itself, but who we become as we work to achieve it. 

Happy New Year!

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