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A recap of MAM’s grand opening in El Born

With the sound of a harp, we received our guests at the opening of MAM’s newest store in the heart of El Born. 55 l’Argentina Street welcomes our new temple of natural watchmaking and minimalist design.

Since its inception, the spirit of MAM has been linked to the essence of the Catalan neighborhood, epicenter of innovation and creativity.

The friends of the MAM family - among whom are creatives, influencers, fashion media experts, and other industry professionals - were the first to get acquainted with our new space. The attendees enjoyed an exclusive live concert and traditional dishes from this area of the city, all while on the terrace of our new neighbors.

The space was decorated for the occasion with colored LED lights and images from our last campaign signed by the studio Kiwi Bravo.

The evocative installation of the store's showcase, which was comprised of a series of hanging white arms that serve as exhibitors of MAM's best-selling watches, became one of the protagonists of the night, hogging the eyes and Instagram stories of both guests and passers-by alike.

This new opening marks another step in MAM’s commitment to the stimulating shopping experience that only a physical store can provide, as well as the importance of thoughtful and personalized service.

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