We go through the different types of subsoils with the names of the MAM collections

MAM is sustainability and nature, and our wood reflects that. Each tree is a symbol of life, the fruit of the soil in which it grows. Therefore, our new collections owe their names to the land, and the ways in which it presents itself.

Each type of terrain has unique attributes that make the life which grows within it unique, distinctive from all others. The land not only gives life - it tells a story. A story that is only possible thanks to the passage of time. A story that is passed down from nature, and told through our collections.

We invite you to experience the different terrestrial surfaces that have inspired us to name our new designs. This is a journey that will take you from the great plains that have inspired the PLANO collection, to the desert dunes that give name to the ARENO line; from the exuberance of the Amazonian forest of HISTO, to the strength of ferralsoles of FERRA; from the volcanic stones of VOLCANO to the sinuosity of the sediments of the Vermilion Clift that inspire the sensual designs of SILT.

Each line, each vein, each MAM watch is a tribute not only to our history, but to our future. To the road, to the land that sustains us. To the soil that we tread every day to reach our goals.

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