An authentic fruit party to present our new PLANO Collection

Immersed in flavor and excitement, while surrounded by pears, bananas and pineapples - this is how we experienced TASTE, the MAM SENSES inaugural event. Our new PLANO Collection was celebrated on October 30 in a very special spot that we kept secret until the last moment: a local greengrocer in the beloved Barcelona neighborhood of Sant Antoni.

We were joined by creatives and friends of the MAM family during this tribute to the sense of taste. Attendees not only became acquainted with MAM's PLANO collection watches, but were able to take one of their choosing home, while sampling the greengrocer's selection of fruits, vegetables, and even olives. The night was seasoned with electronic music and delicious essential cinnamon oils mixed with cocktails of fresh fruits, nuts and other peculiar delicacies that delighted everyone.

MAM SENSES is a series of exclusive events aimed at creative people, designed to function as networking spaces in which they can meet industry professionals, share ideas, and live unique experiences. Each event is inspired by one of the five senses. The invitation is exclusive, and you can only access them if you receive one of our wooden keys in the mail. The location is secret until a few hours before its celebration.

At MAM, touching wood has brought us good luck. If you receive our invitation, you will be able to share our luck with us.

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