Learn about the 5 kinds of wood we use to create a MAM watch

Touching wood brings good luck, which is why each of our MAM watches is an amulet for those who wear it. MAM watches are made of a warm and natural material, with wood grain patterns that vary in size, shape, and design, making each of our models unique and unrepeatable.

In a MAM watch, you will find wood in its purest state, without chemical treatments or dyes, and validated by the FSC seal, a certification that guarantees its sustainability. Learn about the different types of wood we use to build a MAM watch.

The elegant darkness of ebony

The ebony we use comes from South Africa. It is a wood with a dark color and a density so high, it sinks in the water instead of floating. It is most commonly used in the construction of musical instruments - mainly pianos. It has an easy-to-polish texture that makes it very soft to the touch.

Bamboo, a sustainable material

Bamboo is the sustainable wood par excellence because it comes from a shrub that only takes between five and six years to grow, a very short time compared to other plant species. In addition, this species does not need to be replanted since it springs back naturally once a year.

It is a material with a superior resistance compared to other woods, which is why it has been used frequently in the construction of houses. Its color and versatility make it one of our favorite woods. The bamboo we use comes from Thailand.

Teak, the most resistant wood

Teak is a very resistant wood, thanks to the fact that it naturally produces an antiseptic resin that protects it against external agents. It also creates an oil, which makes it impermeable and hinders it rupturing, and the appearance of cracks. For this reason, it has been used traditionally in the construction of boats. The teak we use in MAM comes from Indonesia.

Sandalwood, the sacred wood of India

Sandalwood is a very special wood. It comes from a sacred tree in India, used as incense to spiritually cleanse and harmonize their temples. There are several types of sandalwood. In some, the wood has a reddish color, while in others, it acquires a dark brown tone. It's very fine and neutral surface, together with its harmonizing connotations, make it one of the most emblematic materials of MAM.

Maple, the base of our gray watch

Maple wood is very resistant to shocks and the passage of time. Thanks to the versatility of this maple, MAM has been the first brand in the world that has managed to create a 100% gray clock through a natural oxidation process, resulting in the gray models of our SILT and VOLCANO collections. Our maple is derived from Canada.

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