MAM's first flagship store in Barcelona

MAM's first flagship store is located in the Born district of Barcelona, the epicenter of the city's cultural and artistic trends. Designed by the studio leader Lamarca, the store brings together the three points that make up the DNA of the brand: design, minimalism, and sustainability.

Diaphanous and minimalist

MAM’s visual merchandising and store layout is designed to provide the customer with a unique experience when interacting with the product. The design of the space is based on the core principles of MAM aesthetics: remaining attentive to detail, while maintaining an organic form. Its interior design is comprised of pure and elegant lines, through which shades of white and gray provide a bright and minimalist energy. With the use of rows of mirrors, a sense of amplitude and visibility is established between the viewer and the product, creating a diaphanous and minimalist atmosphere.

100% natural and sustainable

Our commitment to sustainability is present in everything we do. Each element of our store is made with 100% natural or organic materials, like the materials of our watches.

New opening coming soon

Soon MAM will open its second flagship store in Barcelona, establishing its position as one of the fastest growing watch brands in recent years at an international level. The new establishment will be added to the network of exclusive distributors that the brand has throughout the world, including Japan, France, United Kingdom, and Germany.


Sant Pere Més Alt, 40, 0803 Barcelona
Telephone: +34 930 171 686

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