Exchange the straps of your MAM watch

Renew your favorite MAM watch by changing the strap to suit your style. It's very simple; first, choose the watch that you like the most. Then, access the straps section on our website and choose the strap that corresponds with the design you have chosen, in the color that you want.

Our new color palette offers you a wide range of shades: the sobriety and elegance of black, the sensuality of pale rose or pearl gray, avant-garde green, or the most sophisticated of earth tones. If you’re feeling daring, you can even combine multiple colors at once for an eye-catching look.

Thanks to our innovative easy-click fastening system, you can easily exchange straps yourself. As always, our straps are a reflection of our commitment to the environment. They are made with recycled leather and colored with 100% natural vegetable dyes, free of chromium and harmful chemicals for the planet.

Our watches are hypoallergenic, with gold and silver closures that are made with recycled stainless steel.

There are many watches in a MAM watch. Discover yours.

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