Make your special gift these holidays by engraving your watch with a personal message

This Christmas, create a completely personalized gift: a MAM watch engraved with a special message. 

Consider the words that you would like to say to your loved ones, using a maximum of 12 characters, in capital letters. You can write anything from motivational notes, to a declaration of love, your favorite song, to the name of your pet; the limit is only set by your imagination.

Once recorded, our team will take care of getting you your MAM watch in approximately two business days. The messages will appear written on the back of the watch face, except in the case of the VOLCANO watch, which will be insciripted in the lateral zone.

To create the inscriptions. we use a sophisticated laser cutting system that is gentle on the wood, resulting in no damage at all to the watch.

A MAM watch is much more than a fashion accessory - it is an amulet of good luck. And what better a gift is there for Christmas than to share luck with the people we care about?

We help you find the right words to record on your MAM watch. We provide you with examples, but the creativity is all yours.

LOVE: I love you, marry me, mine vitta, every second, timeless.

FAMILY: family time, my mom, father, best mom, coolest daddy.

FRIENDSHIP: mon amie, friends, 4ever, friends, always, equipazo.

SUPPORT: rooting4U, breathe, smile, you're amazing.

PERSONALITY: weirdo, strong, champion.

ATTITUDE: lucky, dream, life, create, inspiration.

MUSIC: yesterday, one more time.

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