Why are MAM wooden watches better than traditional watches?

Much has changed since 1812, when Caroline Bonaparte, Queen of Naples and sister of Napoleon, asked the Swiss inventor Abraham Louis Breguet to build the first wristwatch. A wristwatch still serves as a symbol of the lifestyle of those who choose to wear one. Luckily, that lifestyle has changed a lot in recent years.

In a society where wealth no longer has much to do with the money you generate, but with the positive impact you leave on the world in which you live, what are the advantages of a wooden watch over more traditional one?

The materials are the basis of any watch. Traditional wristwatches are made with a variety of materials ranging from steel to plastic. These materials are not only unsustainable , they involve production processes that are highly detrimental to the environment. At MAM, we create handmade wooden watches with a minimalist and timeless design. In our creation process, sustainability is our most important value.

Next, we review the main benefits of a MAM wooden watch versus to a traditional watch.

Sustainable wood: the wood we use to make all MAM watches has the FSC certificate, which guarantees its environmental, economic, and social sustainability. We do not treat our wood with chemical products, which are some of the primary components responsible for the pollution of rivers and seas.

Free of plastics and petroleum derivatives: According to National Geographic, 80% of marine garbage is comprised of plastics. MAM does not use plastic in its manufacturing process, nor in its packaging, which is instead made from sustainable and biodegradable products, rather than petroleum-based materials.

Extremely lightweight: you will hardly notice that you're wearing a MAM watch. Wood is a tough but lightweight resource. MAM watches are made primarily of wood, so they weigh less than other watches that are built with bulkier materials.

Resistant to temperature changes: our wooden watches resist extreme changes in temperature very well. They do not overheat or overcool.

Breathable: wood is a breathable material. Forget about feeling your watch stuck to your skin because of sweat. In addition to being annoying, excessive buildup of sweat beneath a watch band can lead to skin irritation. Our watches leave your skin free to breathe.

Suitable for those with allergies: our wood is not treated with chemicals. When found in its natural state, the wood our watches are made of is hypoallergenic, unlike materials which are common in the use of traditional wristwatches, such as nickel.

Each MAM wooden watch is unique and unrepeatable: there are no two MAM watches that are exactly the same. Wood is a naturally-occurring and ever-changing material. The patterns and colors of our wood differ subtly from one piece to another. The mutable quality of wood gives each of our watches a special singularity, which makes every piece a unique and exclusive work of art.

A watch says a lot about the person who wears it. Choose well.

Alpi 2016, by Federico Cedrone.

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