About us

We’re a group of young entrepreneurs from the Born neighbourhood, Barcelona’s epicenter of innovation. We believe in ourselves, and we think that with effort, commitment, dedication and great ideas we can achieve anything. As a reflection of our unending devotion to environmentally-friendly fashion, we've created a brand of sustainable wooden. We’re creative and interested in the world of art, fashion and design. We like organic food, natural wine, looking after the environment, working barefoot, climbing and traveling. We love exploring  our personal freedom in whatever ways we can.

MAM ORIGINALS was founded in 2014 by Jordi Enrique Albert, co-founder and current CEO of the brand. Along with the creative direction of Anthya Tirado, CMO of the company, the two have turned MAM into one of the most internationally acclaimed watch brands.

Since then, we have continued to create and evolve. Every day is a new adventure, and every wood item we offer is the result of months of technical and creative development. This is a journey where we always ensure that functionality and design go hand in hand. We create unique pieces where urban life and nature come together with streamlined simplicity.  

MAM ORIGINALS has expanded from Barcelona to the rest of the world, becoming a benchmark community for all who have made creativity a lifestyle.

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