Art Community

The walls of MAM’s website are turning into our particular gallery, hosting the fascinating artworks and encouraging interviews of those young creative people who inspire us every day with their extraordinary talent.

I AM Frank J. Guzzone | MAM®

I AM Frank J. Guzzone


Frank J. Guzzone is a young creative part of the I AM project. He is a designer and art director based in Brooklyn. His 3D animations are an invita...
I am Cristina Coral | MAM®

I am Cristina Coral

I AM a visual artist

Cristina Coral is an Italian self-taught visual artist. The camera just happens to be the instrument by which she borrows from the world that surro...
I am Ezequiel Pini | MAM®

I am Ezequiel Pini

I am the owner and creative director of Six N. Five

Ezequiel Pini is an urban creative part of the I AM project, an initiative curated by MAM intended to showcase the great talent of those who are ma...
I am Candela Capitán | MAM®

I am Candela Capitán

I AM a contemporary dancer

Candela Capitán is a contemporary dancer. She is a force of nature capable to turn movement into poetry. The Spanish artist is to blame for the cur...
I am Rutger Paulusse | MAM®

I am Rutger Paulusse

I AM an illustrator and 3D artist

Rutger Paulusse is an illustrator and 3D artist based in Netherlands. His work takes place in a clean and tidy surreal reality where soft colors an...
I am Marine Tanguy | MAM®

I am Marine Tanguy

I am the founder of MTArt Agency

In 2015, Marine Tanguy founded MTArt, the first artist agency in the world. While the art world concentrates on selling art on walls, they focus on...
Introducing The I AM Project | MAM®

Introducing The I AM Project

Dear MAM family, Lately I’ve been doing some thinking about our world. More specifically, about the world that I want to live in. And I’ve realize...