Editor in Chief of METAL Magazine

Curiosity moves the world. The desire to know, to understand, to create art, and to be part of that which shapes and colors the world we live in is fueled by curiosity. METAL magazine was born in Barcelona in 2006 with that philosophy. Today Yolanda Muelas, editor-in-chief and founder of the publication, is bringing that same philosophy to the MAM By, a space in which we invite creatives from all over the world to visually reinterpret the essence of MAM Originals wooden watches.

Yolanda chose Berlin as the setting in which she would carry out her particular reinterpretation of the MAM universe. The Catalan-born journalist collaborated with German photographer, Lucas Christiansen, for the project. "Both Lucas and I were very clear from the beginning that it would be interesting to work with different models to achieve the diversity we were looking for." Regarding the still life photographs they created together, in which the wooden clock is the absolute protagonist, Yolanda wanted "to add a more artsy aspect to a series that [they] did together with set designer, Kathleen Pracht."

“MAM is a philosophy of life that advocates for simplicity, and the prioritization of essentials above all else”

Yolanda understands MAM as much more than a brand of wooden watches. MAM is a philosophy of life that advocates for "simplicity, and the prioritization of essentials above all else." Our philosophy is based on our commitment to creativity and sustainability.

For the journalist, METAL magazine has been an exciting journey, a long career. "You cannot value things without taking a certain perspective. You should always be clear about where you want to go, what your goals are, but it is important not to forget where you came from, what the path was that brought you here.” And then, obviously, knowing how to surround yourself with a good team.

"In a world where everything seems to come with an expiration date due to technological advances and social networks that have modified" the way we consume information but also the way we produce. According to Yolanda, in recent years, “[people] have become more visual, more immediate, with less time for analysis and reflection, and with a voracious appetite for receiving new inputs that we can not even synthesize later. Having said that, there are many positive things on the other side of the scale: the ease you have now to reach more people, the ability to show your work to a larger audience, to collaborate with others from a distance. We did not have this kind of power before. It is exciting to be able to access this explosion of creativity. It's not that there's more talent now, it's that you can access more of it easily."

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Photography: Lucas Christiansen @ Tristan Godefroy • Styling: Fabiana Vardaro @ Basics Berlin • Set Design: Kathleen Pracht • Hair & Make-Up: Patricia Heck @ Nina Klein • Models: Fanny Brauweiler @ Seeds Model Management, Yotam Pfeffermann @ Nest Model Management, Varusa Misidjan @ Kyrasophie • Photography Assistance: Corinna Hopman & Shirin Siebert • Styling Assistance: Mimi Roncevic.

Yolanda Muelas, Editor In Chief of METAL Magazine, wearing her favourite MAM watch. Portrait by Poncho Paradela.


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