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Designer & Art Director

The weight of the things we don’t say. The importance of the things we don’t see. Life isn’t about whether to be or not be anymore, but how to find the balance between what is actually here and what isn’t, between emptiness and fullness. And that’s precisely what the latest artist to join our I AM project does. We are proud to introduce Valeria Vasi and her handmade creations.

Her vases are “a combination of art, design and functionality, in which geometry and simplicity are protagonists. The shape and volume merge to create small functional sculptures where the emptiness of matter acquires as much importance as its presence.”

“I love the fact that MAM uses sustainable materials and always collaborates with new young talents.”

Our wood watches and jewelry pieces are well known for their organic shapes and clean design. We believe simplicity is the best way to get us to the core of what’s essential. That’s probably why we had an instant crush on Valeria’s creations. “Simplicity can be harder than complexity. I like pure geometric shapes and I’ve been always inspired by Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Simplicity and harmony are key in my objects.”

Born in Moscow, based in Barcelona and world citizen, Valeria knows diversity is the true origin of inspiration. “I grew up in different cities, so I feel lucky to have lived in different cultures. This has allowed me to have a wider visual references. Traveling remains an important part of my life, it makes me more permeable and open to artistic expressions.”

At MAM, we believe there’s nothing more powerful than being aware of the power of the little things, especially when it comes to protecting our planet. “We have the power to end all the atrocities through our everyday choices. We need to reconsider our relationship with nature. Recycling, buying wisely, knowing the traceability of the products, avoiding plastics, etc. All of these are actions that can make the difference, and every action counts.”

Nature is MAM’s backbone, as it is for Valeria’s creations. She chooses “to work with natural materials. I started to work with ceramics as this felt like a return to the origin, the mud, the water, and the fire. Now I moved to glass and wood and the idea is to keep on experimenting new materials, without abandoning the artisan aspect.”

Being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy, but it’s always rewarding. “Starting your own project as an entrepreneur is always hard, but it’s your baby, so you put a lot of energy and love and at the end it’s always gratifying.”

“We have the power to end all the atrocities through our everyday choices.”

She chose the PLANO 693 because she likes “the idea of the double strap and the pop of color.” She also loves the fact that “MAM uses sustainable materials and always collaborates with new young talents.”

We feel very lucky to be part of a generation who is standing up for feminism and making sure each woman gets the respect, opportunities, and recognition she deserves. “There’s still a lot of work to do, but there has been an improvement for sure. I believe that there will be a time where there will be equality in all the fields.” We’re looking forward to it.

Discover Valeria Vasi’s beautiful creations by visiting her Instagram and website.

The I AM project is a curated initiative by MAM which showcases the amazing talent of people who are making a positive impact with their work, inspiring us every day. Discover all of our MAM ambassadors here.

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