Beyond Walls Project - Andorre, Andorre - 2019


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At MAM, we believe that you can measure the greatness of a society by the way it treats nature. The same measure of quality applies to art in the 21st century. That’s why we feel tremendously honored to introduce our latest I AM artist, the great Saype.

Saype is “a land artist. [He] creates huge biodegradable frescos with paint on grass.” He is part of a new generation of artists committed to promoting social values: “My work is about sustainable development, which is based on three pillars: sociology, ecology, economy.”

Saype is proof of what real success embodies nowadays. Success has nothing to do with private jets or the amount of zeros in your bank account, but instead with how much good you give to the world you live in. “My goal is to impact people, without impacting nature,” says Saype. And he is excellent at it: Saype was listed in Forbes’ “30 Under 30” as one of the world’s most influential artists. His videos have over 150M views on YouTube, and he is one of the chosen artists represented by the pioneering MTArt Agency.

Beyond Walls Project - Paris, France - 2019

"I love MAM's concept: creating a twist on a classic object that everyone wears trough creative, innovative and environmentally friendly technology.”

When we started MAM, one of our biggest dreams was to see our wood watches traveling the world, hanging on the wrists of leaders who are making a difference, such as role models like Saype. “I share similar values with MAM, especially the idea of creating something from natural materials. I also love the concept: creating a twist on a classic object that everyone wears trough creative, innovative and environmentally friendly technology.”

With his project Beyond Walls, the artist ois making history (literally). Last June, Saype became the first artist in history to take over the Champs de Mars right in front of the Tour Eiffel. “I’m proud about that,” says Saype. He created a giant 15,000 square meter fresco comprised of holding hands, standing as a symbol of solidarity and support directed toward immigrants around the globe.

Beyond Walls Project - Berlin, Germany - 2019

Beyond Walls Project - Geneva, Switzerland - 2019

Beyond Walls Project - Paris, France - 2019

A Story Of Resilience - Decazeville, France - 2019

In The World's Hands - Buenos Aires, Argentina - 2019

This past November, Saype was also invited to Germany to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with one of his massive Beyond Walls land artworks. “We are at a point in history where the world is polarizing and people are turning in on themselves. But it is only together that we can respond to the biggest challenges of our times. I want to send to the world a message of kindness and optimism with my art.”

As a company who is deeply committed to sustainability, we look up to game-changers like Saype who are taking their commitment to a whole new level. “I decided to paint on grass with biodegradable paint in 2012. We are so exposed to visual pollution, I had to find an innovative and inspiring means of expression. So I mixed my graffiti background, the arrival of drones in Europe and my readings on Buddhism and ecology and I started painting on the grass. I put a year of research to develop a 100% natural and biodegradable paint.”

“My goal is to impact people, without impacting nature”

Message From Future - Geneva, Switzerland - 2018

His commitment with the planet goes beyond art. “Extremes are never the solution. I think all in life is a question of balance. For example, I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but I eat meat maybe one time a week. I sort my wastes, try to travel by train more often than by car or plane. I’m also very careful with water and food waste. If everybody can do little things like that, the impact would be huge. Never forget that we are the world, we are the change.”

“Our lives and our actions are destined to become traces of our passage through this world.” Nature says so much about who we are as a society. It’s up to us to decide what story we want it to tell.

Discover Saype’s world by visiting his Instagram and website.

The I AM project is a curated initiative by MAM which showcases the amazing talent of people who are making a positive impact with their work, inspiring us every day. Discover all of our I AM ambassadors here.


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