Environmentally Friendly Jewelry

Ginger Jewelry

Red hair has long been associated with many stories and myths. During the Spanish Inquisition, it was believed that redheads were witches, while ancient Greeks believed redheads would turn into vampires when they died. Some say redheads have fiery tempers and others consider redheads good luck.
With so much lore revolving around this simple color, we were inspired to create a story that celebrated red hair and the people who have it. Explore A Ginger Twist to discover environmentally friendly jewelry that’s as unique as each redheaded person you encounter.

Unusual and Distinct

Just as redheads disrupt the norms, our jewelry challenges the conventional traditions of jewelry design. We challenge the way in which rings, bracelets and earrings are supposed to be worn in favor of inspiring mix and match wearability you won’t see anywhere else.

A Ginger Twist features many twisting, turning designs with a circular basis. We believe that spheres represent the circle of life and we love using them in our jewelry to remind you of your power and role in the universe. Use our environmentally friendly jewelry to ground yourself and speak your truth.

Eco-Conscious Jewelry

At MAM, sustainability and design are two of the main focuses of our jewelry, accessories and watches. Made with recycled material and manufactured through certified processes that reduce our footprint, everything about MAM’s environmentally friendly jewelry sends a message that we care about the planet. Stand with us as you express yourself, wearing jewelry that makes a difference.