MAM is about designing products without rules or stereotypes to revolutionize the way we view accessories. Our genderless pieces promise you the creative freedom to personalize your look and unearth your individuality. From MAM jewelry to watches, masks and handbags, discover a brand where urban life, pop culture, consciousness and functionality fuse together to create looks and styles that are extreme and sensational whether they are worn alone or with one of our other accessories.


MAM's MYSON are fabricated with high-quality recycled leather and come in 3 different color tones.


The Holidays are just around the corner, and at MAM, we have prepared a gift guide with our favorite pieces to choose the perfect gift for you and your loved ones.
Remember that it’s time to be together continuing to shape our world into a better and more loving one.


Introducing MAM’s WISH Collection inspired by the Dandelion. This amazing flower, found in most gardens, is well-known for its power to make your wish come true simply by blowing the seeds in the air that represent your dream.


Be creative without restrictions with our unique pieces. From our bangles to bracelets, the MAM Mix and Match concept allows for endless style possibilities to intertwine. There are no rules, categories, or gender stereotypes. You have the freedom to wear it your way.


Made to be mixed and matched, our unique earrings offer you plenty of wearability and versatility. All of our designs are meant to push the limits on how you view jewelry. MAM wants to explore the balance between versatility and unique design to help you see earrings and earcuffs from a completely different perspective. How you wear your accessories sends a message about fashion, aesthetics and self-expression.


MAM believes in giving you a voice when it comes to how you wear our jewelry and accessories. Each of our unique rings and bracelets offers you the chance to discover something new. Whether you wear our designs as traditional way on one hand or on both of your hands, our rings and bracelets can be worn your way.


All of our body jewelry is meant to re-examine the way we wear our jewelry and accesories. As you review the pieces in our collections, set your mind free and decategorize what society says you’re supposed to do with jewelry. We’ve started to break the boundaries of conventional wearability with our concept of Mix & Match, and now, we pass the torch on to you to continue our mission of creative self-expression by adding your own unique flair.


You can make a statement with any piece from MAM. Look for our signature blend of eco-friendly materials and unrestricted usability to discover a unique bag and wallet for people who have something to say. Our sustainable handbags offer you an alternative to regular handbags that restrict your fashion sensibilities.


All of our face jewelry is meant to re-examine the way we wear our jewelry and accesories. As you review the pieces in our collections, set your mind free and decategorize what society says you’re supposed to do with jewelry.


Nothing grounds you so much and draws your focus downwards as a solid anklet guiding your footsteps. These distinct pieces developed by MAM has resulted in a number of unique anklets that stand out. Made of recycled gold or silver, all of our jewelry offers you an ethically sourced path to self-expression.


Mix and match your accessories and style with these hair cuffs and headpieces. Let your hair speak its own language as you get creative and style out your hair whenever and however you want, from ponytails to twin tails and more with these hair cuffs for ponytail or short hair.


We love summer, and since it's just around the corner, we've decided to relaunch our collection of raffia bags. This year, we've included three different new styles to play around with according to your summer plans.


More than a face mask is a piece of jewelry. MAM has designed a functional and modern face masks to wear for every occasion. Your new MAM mask is compatible with all filters on the market so you can use it according to your own protection needs.



Made from Recycled and Sustainable Materials


Ship with FSC Biodegradable Packing via Neutral CO2 Emissions


Work with Providers that Meet Humanitarian and Sustainable Standards


Source Product Parts from Sustainable Environments









Mix & Match



MAM is more than a brand, it's fashion and creative design. Shop our collections to discover jewelry and accessories that help you speak your truth.